Arqutype was founded with a vision of making a positive impact – one that doesn’t compromise on quality or the unique design of high-end swimwear.

Our innovative, wholly Australian owned range is entirely crafted from recycled plastics, more often than not from our waterways or oceans. These are transformed and given new life as a low-impact weave that is used throughout the collection.

Not only is this an eco-conscious and more sustainable choice, but the fabrication feels soft, comfortable and has a high-quality finish. Oh, and it’s not just about looking good and doing good – everything is crafted with functionality in mind. You can wear our fashion-forward swimwear in the very ocean you are helping protect.

Our brand ethos is focused on being mindful while delivering real improvements with each chic design. The result is a carefully curated range perfect for anyone who wants to look and feel amazing through their fashion choices.

Why Recycled Materials?

As much as we believe in living in the present, we want to do our bit to help protect the future. We are inspired by the often-overlooked efficacy that can be repurposed from the massive volume of wasted materials around us.

Our call to action was learning that nearly half of the world’s clothing is made of synthetic materials that contain crude oil! Not-so-fun fact: over 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced, with approximately 8 million tonnes ending up in waterways each year. Consumer and commercial demand mean this is set to continue increasing further – No Bueno.

Rather than being part of the problem, we want to be part of the solution. Instead of polluting our water further or having marine life ingest or entangled in plastic debris, we made the commitment to upcycle.

With your support, we want to give plastic a new life as a functional product that makes you look ah-mazing. Together we can take the junk out of our oceans and return it as an empowering alternative, worn by you.

Every piece in our range is crafted from 100% recycled materials (including our packaging too).



Every pair of shorts in our range is 100% crafted from recycled plastic materials. This was motivated by a desire to reduce plastic waste and water pollution. However, when it comes to comfort, style and wearability, we have made no exceptions.

What else makes Arqutype so special? We have paid the highest attention to the finer details in every aspect of the collection; keep reading to lean more.

Our products

Our products feature over 20 fresh, unique designs with inspiration from all corners of our globe & the allure of the oceans. Each pair of shorts can easily take you from day to evening, and as your warm wardrobe staple, you’ll be covered for relaxed time spent at home or out with friends, to afternoons enjoyed poolside; or beach days that lead into dinner and drinks.
We have kept the modern man in mind when crafting each pair of shorts in our range. That’s why they offer a comfortable and stylish fit, and finish at mid-thigh length for flexibility and versatility. Extra chic touches include an embossed back pocket button and a soft lined finish.


Our shorts have been crafted from a sustainable low-impact weave created from upcycled plastic. The result is a premium quality, high-end finish that feels luxuriously soft against your skin, enabling you to wear all day long.
They are quick drying, so you can enjoy time spent in and out of the water with ease. Care is also super easy; just pop your shorts in a cold machine cycle!


All shorts include an internal brief, soft mesh lining to keep everything where it should be, an elasticated waistband and adjustable drawstring cord to provide the perfect fit every time. They feature deep side pockets to store everyday necessities, and an internal safety pocket to keep important items safe and close.
Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashion
Arqutype shorts look and feel so good, you’ll easily forget the recycled fabric once had another life. With each purchase you’re helping make a positive impact on our wider environment by reducing plastic waste and pollution and look amazing while doing so!